School Improvement Services



MCUSA collects data and performs research on the data collected of our program performance annually.  We use a trauma-informed, evidence-based curriculum. The overarching objective of our research is to prove that our model:

⬥ Increases Student School Attendance while decreasing suspensions and disciplinary referrals

⬥ Increases Student Instructional Time

⬥ Improves Student/School Safety

⬥ Increases Student/School Connectedness



MCUSA recognizes the importance of fidelity of implementation of the One Circle Foundation’s evidence-based curricula: The Girls Circle and The Council for Boys and Young Men. One of the factors vital to continuing to achieve success is ensuring that our coaches implement the evidenced-based curricula true to the practice model.  Through the execution of these curricula, MCUSA has proven results:

  • 87% Increase in school engagement
  • 93% Improvement in parent/child relationships
  • 88% Decrease in self-harming behavior
  • 98% Improvement in submitting homework assignments
  • 97% Decrease in rates of alcohol and substance abuse
  • Decrease in school absence (MCUSA added 60,000 days of attendance in one school district in the ‘15-’16 school year)