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Good afternoon:

For those of you not yet aware, Hurricane Patricia, the largest Category 5 storm in the history of the Western Hemisphere is going to make landfall today in Mexico in the States of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Colim. We are looking at maximum wind speeds of 205 mph with gusts of 245 mph. It’s the fastest and strongest growing storm we have ever experienced in the Western Hemisphere.

NVP USA Healthcare, US Care, Julio Avael III, Fred Menachem, and our entire Team is committed to doing everything we can by dedicating our personal and corporate resources to assist our neighbors to the south. We are currently reaching out to our contacts in the Mexican Government to figure out ways we can work together by providing social workers and clinicians as resources to families and children in crisis in that region of Mexico.

Mexico is my (Fred Menachem) second home and has played an important role in my life. For me, this is personally very difficult to watch. We are preparing for significant loss of life and devastation, as well as a significant economic crisis to the region.

We encourage every resident of our great Nation to start collecting food, money, and anything else that you can to support these communities after the storm passes. Please contact the American Red Cross or other crisis oriented organizations if you have medical skills that can assist as well.

This is the time all Americans need to unite and show the world the greatness of our Nation. We are the world’s superpower and with that comes moral responsibility.

Please take a moment to say a prayer and may God be with the people of Mexico.

Fred Menachem
US Care, President
NVP USA Healthcare
Chief Communications Officer & President, External Affairs

Julio Avael III
US Care, CEO
NVP USA Healthcare, CEO

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Written by MCUSA