Anger Management in the Classroom: Four Tips for Managing a Verbally Aggressive Student

Few things are as disruptive in a classroom as a child who has difficulty controlling his or her anger. It’s frightening and confusing for the other students and sometimes scary for the teacher as well! You need to reassure the other students while lessening the chances of a reoccurrence - and here are four ways to accomplish this goal. Calmly observe. If a student is really angry, keep a distance from the student. Read More

Mental Health Matters: Why Students Need Mental Health Support in School

We all have vivid memories of school, some of them not so good. Children are very vulnerable, and bullying in school can haunt the victim for years. Then there’s the kid who has an undiagnosed problem that’s holding him back in class. And the kids who sneak out of school and spend the afternoon running through the mall. Fortunately, these are all situations in which school-based support can make a difference, and Read More

No More Bullies in the Classroom: Five Steps to Prevent Bullying

We see the headlines all the time. Bullying can have truly tragic consequences, and it’s vitally important to protect children and provide them with a safe and supportive learning environment. Bullying is a frustrating problem because it is so often invisible to adults, but there are steps we can take to protect our children and make our schools safe and productive environments for everyone. Clearly state that Read More