6 Things Every Parent of a Child with ADD Can Do to Help

School - and life for that matter - presents several challenges for children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Much of what they are required to do calls for an ability to concentrate in highly distracting environments, which is difficult, frustrating, and hard on their self-esteem when they fail. Fortunately, it is possible for your son or daughter to thrive in the classroom and the world beyond. Parents and teachers Read More

6 Helpful Hints for Parents of Children With ADHD

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a pervasive problem amongst school-age children in the United States. The symptoms of this disorder—including restlessness, inability to focus, irritability, impulsivity, and as the name implies, hyperactivity—can wreak havoc on a child’s ability to succeed in school or to achieve proper social skills and development. For more detail on ADHD, be sure to check out our Read More

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Most people have at least heard of ADD. The term has entered into the vernacular as a way of describing anyone who gets distracted or is a bit spacey. It is even used to describe people whose interests change frequently. However, such nonchalant characterization of ADD actually serves to trivialize the struggle of those who truly suffer with this disorder, and it helps add to the numerous myths and misunderstandings Read More

Teaching Students with ADD: Five Tips

Teaching a student with ADD can be a challenge. Kids with ADD generally have a hard time focusing and can be disruptive for other kids, as well. But teaching these children can be incredibly rewarding, and kids with ADD can often become all-star students with the right guidance. In this blog entry, we’re going to discuss several practical tips in order to help you teach children with ADD. Like all of us, children Read More